The choice of wedding venue is extremely important, as the place creates the most of the atmosphere. You should feel connected with a place and it should be associated with your best dreams and feelings. In this place, you should feel absolutely happy, free and comfortable, as it will stay in your memories for a lifetime!
If you are dreaming of a wedding by the sea, surrounded by beautiful nature, then a wedding in Mexico could be a wonderful option!
“Casa Mis Amores” villa, which is translated from Spanish as “house of my loved ones” is a wonderful place to celebrate your love and beginning of the new family.
The residence offers a private, almost wild beach of 1 km, which you can use as a place for the ceremony. Just imagine: beautiful wedding arc, your dearest and nearest people, everything is decorated with plenty of flowers and candles, your love by your side and you are standing by the sea, the salty breeze is moving your hair, what can be better?
The villa is well equipped with everything needed for luxury vacation experience and can accommodate your guests in best comfort.
In addition to the private beach, the residence offers a beautiful garden on the territory, and a big infinity pool, where you can organize pre-wedding cocktails or dinner with spectacular sea view.
The atmosphere on villa is extremely romantic, you and your guests would be surrounded by magical nature scenery.
For the just married couples, we offer a charming separate red bungalow overlooking the sea and the jungle, where you would be able to enjoy first nights of your marriage in complete privacy in the middle of picturesque natural scenery. This bungalow is also the closest one to the sea, so you will be able to enjoy swimming with your partner or meet sunrises and sunsets on the beach just a few steps from your bungalow.
This venue is not only good for a special wedding day but also to spend a vacation surrounded by your dearest and nearest.
Sayulita town and surroundings could be great places to visits outside the house, discover a new culture with your dear guests.
The staff and chef are extremely professional and would make your most brave wishes come true!
We would take care of every small detail, in order to organize the wedding of your dreams and create the most memorable experience!
This is a great time and place to say the most important words…

Breathing life through an unique and luxurious experience